Paediatric Plastic Surgery

Vlad is a pretty normal 8 year old. Cheeky, charming and very bright. At school he is popular and in the rough and tumble of boys activities his right ear got damaged, leaving it protruding. He had previously had both ears corrected for protrusion. His mother was very worried that a second operation would be complicated and leave him very scarred.

Mr Vahidi was consulted and using micro surgical techniques he manipulated the broken cartalidge so that it would lie flat and be held in place as the ear was stitched back in place.

The surgery was done in Bucarest at the Regina Maria private hospital that has a pediatric wing decorated to make children feel at ease, with modern theaters specifically for peadiatric surgery.

From start to finish Vlad was coached by Mr Vahidi to relax and build his confidence. The results are not only exceptional, Vlad is happy and back to being....well Vlad!

Vlad is a young man whose hear was damaged and he needed an Otoplasty. From this story you can see how Mr Vahidi works with his patients to put them at ease so that the surgery is all done with a relaxed and unstressed patient.